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Dara Schweitzer

My domain is the written word.  Give me an idea, an image, even only a handful of seemingly unrelated words, and I can come up with a blog post, a story or even a book.  My husband oftentimes gives me three words and challenges me to come with a story—which I do, every single time.

It comes as no surprise, then, that content is not a problem when it comes to blogging.  But when it comes to anything related to images, well… let’s just say that if you were to tear up a dictionary and throw all the pieces in the air and ask me to put it all back together, I would have an easier time than I have had coming up, in the last 10 years of blogging, with beautiful visuals.

Which is why I am always looking for any and all help when it comes to creating visuals for my blog and any of my social media platforms.  Because not being good at creating visuals doesn’t mean that I don’t yearn for a stunning look.  Thankfully, there are a number of great tools that can be found online to help those who, like me, have a tough time putting something good looking together.

When it comes to quickly creating an eye-catching Instagram post or Pinterest pin, lettering graphics, such as this gorgeous set of lettering graphics by Creative Stash, can be quite useful.  One way of using them is to pick one of the generic quotes with your logo, immediately branding something designed by someone else to be recognizable as coming from you.

When it comes to Instagram, you can use one of these transparent lettering graphics on top of a previously posted picture that did particularly well.  I often post pictures of coffee dates with my baby girl, so layering a transparent about love and coffee with one of these shots worked perfectly.



If you have an email list, you can place one of these transparent lettering graphics on top of a picture already posted on your social media channels to insert into your email—like the one of my coffee date with my baby could go out with an email relating to surviving winter with a baby.

Pinterest pins can become even catchier when you layer one of your pins with a transparent lettering graphic, making something that is both easily recognizable as belonging to your brand as well as different enough to capture the attention of old and new readers alike.

It’s so easy to use these lettering graphics, that they are well worth adding to your arsenal of blogging tools and can be used again and again over the course of many years, on many different social platforms.


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  • Images are definitely time consuming to create or find the perfect thing. I really love this idea in using something multiple times and actually strengthening your brand with it.

    Bri Adams

  • I really need to get better at my graphics. These tips seem easy enough to practice and implement. Thanks for sharing!


  • Honestly never heard of this before, but going to have to check out now. So thank you for sharing!! :)

    Janine Huldie

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